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art of pricing

The Art of Pricing Handmade Goods

Pricing your handmade goods is one of the most talked about topics.  This ebook is compilation of articles on how to price your handmade goods. Download Your Copy  

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get 10000

10,000 Visitors in 90 Days

  In this video lesson you will learn how I get 2-5000 visitors per month to my blog with only a few minuets of work each day.

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confort zone

Kiss Your Comfort Zone Good-bye

Ebook and Work book Download One of the most significant traits of successful people is that they are action driven individuals. They are constantly trying out new ideas to see what sticks and what doesn’t. More often than not, new ideas and strategies they come up with will NOT work as expected. They use each […]

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april 2012 3d

Handmadeology Magazine –April 2012 Issue

Handmadeology Magazine –April  2012 Issue Download Your Copy HERE  The April  2012 Issue issue is over 90 pages long and jam packed with tips and awesome handmade and vintage items . Written by our team and submitted by bloggers from around the handmade community, Handmadeology is more than just a blog, it’s a resource. With the […]

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tips account

Tips For Finding An Accountant

  We address if you need an accountant or should be able to do the accounting yourself.  We also provide some questions to ask bookkeepers and accountants when trying to find the best local accountant for your small business.  

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keyword rea 3d

Keyword Research Blueprint

  Learn how to effectively research keywords for your creative business. Creating Your Organizational System Choosing Your Keyword Tool(s) Research Your Keywords Who Else Is Targeting My Keywords? What Keywords is Your Competition Targeting? What Are You Going To Do with All These Keywords? Analytics Keyword Blueprint download Keyword action plan download Keyword Mind map […]

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bill paying tips

Tips for Paying Business Bills

  Every business owner has to do it . . . . pay the bills!  Here are some practical and easy tips to help make paying your bills much easier and less stressful!  

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bus rep

Managing Your Business Receipts

  Receipts are part of doing business. . . . and throwing them in a shoebox is the worst thing you can do with them!  Here are some practical and easy ways to manager your business receipts – making your bookkeeping and tax time so much easier!  

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sales tax table

Customizable Sales Tax Table

  Here is a sales tax table you can use to print out when you are at craft shows and you want to reference how much sales tax is due for a certain sales price and what the total sales price is with sales tax. Download HERE    

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timline training

Timeline Training – Video 1 Overview

This is a 7 part video training that will help you transition over to the new timeline for your Facebook fan page. Here are a number of topics we will be covering in this training. How to Effectively Use the New Cover Image to Better Your Brand Making Full Use of the About Section to […]

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