april 2012

April 2012 Pro Content

  Facebook Timeline Changes ( 30 min video) Timeline Training  – Video 1 -  Overview Timeline Training  – Video 2 – Cover Photo Timeline Training  – Video 3 – Profile Picture Timeline Training  – Video 4 – About Section Timeline Training  – Video 5 – Messages Timeline Training  – Video 6 -  Post Manipulation for […]

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timline training

Timeline Training – Video 1 Overview

This is a 7 part video training that will help you transition over to the new timeline for your Facebook fan page. Here are a number of topics we will be covering in this training. How to Effectively Use the New Cover Image to Better Your Brand Making Full Use of the About Section to […]

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3d cover hm

Timelines for Fan Pages Switching Your Fan Page Seamlessly (Ebook)

This guide will walk you through what you need to know to get your Facebook fan page switched over to the new timeline. Download  

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Facebook Fan Page Changes (30 min Timeline Video)

Facebook Fan Page Changes (30 min Timeline Video)

In this 30 min video we will show all the new changes that have taken place with your Facebook fan page.

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custom invoice

Custom Invoice

  What do you do when you have a customer that does not pay you?  Send them an invoice to light the fire to get them to pay you!  This customizable invoice, built in a spreadsheet, is easy to print out, send as a spreadsheet, or even a pdf or picture to your customer though […]

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tl 2

Timline Training – Video 2 – Cover Photo

  In this video we will cover the importance of your profile picture, and how to effectively use the new cover image to better your brand.  

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tl 3

Timeline Training – Video 3 – Profile Picture

In this training video we are going t look at your profile picture.

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tl 4

Timeline Training – Video 4 – About Section

In this video we will be looking at your about section for your fan page.  Learn how to maximize the space for increasing traffic to your website and shop.  

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tl 5

Timeline Training – Video 5 – Messages

Here in video 5 we are going to cover the importance of messages.  

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tl 6

Timeline Training – Video 6 – Milestones

  Learn what the significances of milestones are and how to use the to get the most exposure.  

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